Hello everyone! This is my first day trying Paleo. I feel like I have eaten way too much this morning - even though I was very careful to stick to allowed foods. Here is what I have had so far:

1) Started work at 5 am - had a banana at 5 am when I got here
2) Breakfast - 2 egg omelet with spinach, tomato, jalapeno, a little ham, a little sausage and a little bacon
3) Snack - cashews 2.5 ounces
4) A ton of water

I am not counting calories as recommended but this just seems like a lot of food. Is this too much food? I won't be able to eat again until 4 pm (work issues) so I felt I should eat now and hopefully not feel hungry later. Probably should have saved cashews for snack around noon but I was still hungry (not hungry - just munchie) after my omelet.

Any input would be fantastic! Thank you!