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Thread: Stuck at 265-264, wondering if its time to add sprinting

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    Stuck at 265-264, wondering if its time to add sprinting

    Greetings all,

    I've gone from 318 to 265 since I started back in the summer, and I have been stuck at 265-264 for about a month.

    Around the end of August I was stuck as well but I seemed to be able to pull out of it. This time, I can't. I'm eating the same things, 2 eggs, 4 strips of bacon for breakfast, chicken thighs with skin for lunch, and either roast, fish, chicken or pork chops for dinner with lots of veggies. I don't even eat as many potatoes as I used to, I'll have half a potato maybe 2-3 times a week and I keep my rice with my fish to a very small teaspoon.

    I am wondering if its because it's cold out here in Ohio now and I'm not walking at all. I joined a gym to walk in and sprint in but I'm highly intimidated of those people and the one time I walked in there I got so stressed out I started shaking. I can't go in there with those people, not yet. I'm still dancing for 30+ minutes 3 times a week, started doing squats, push ups and weight lifting but I'm not seeing any improvement in the fat loss. I thought that maybe I would be hungrier for protein or something since I'm putting on more muscle or that I'd see more muscle or SOMETHING but it's like my fat isn't going away on my body and my muscles aren't getting bigger or anything. It's like I'm not even doing anything and to be frank it's starting to piss me off.

    This week I took a week off from doing anything at all, and lo and behold STILL at 264. Another forum told me to add more fat, so I did. I added 1 oz of almonds, and I'm drinking coconut milk. Still nothing. I've been cooking in either coconut oil or bacon fat since I started, and no change there. I don't know what else to add as far as fats, other than going out and eating a stick of butter and I don't have a clue what ghee is and my Whole Foods, Giant Eagle, Kroger none of that has it and nobody knows wtf it is either.

    I basically have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Any help?

    Edit: female, 31, 5'4. I eat about 1200 calories a day.
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