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Thread: Chris Powell carb cycling???

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    Chris Powell carb cycling???

    I watched Chris Powell yesterday on doctor Oz. he talked about carb cycling. He frowned on going to lower on the carbs. did any of you watch this episode and if so what do you think. I can't eat as little fat is what he recommends on his high carb days. I really can't even eat high carb because I have blood sugar issues. but anyways he said if we go to low on the carb we get fat and if we go to high on the cards we get fat wanted to get your opinion on what you think he means by too low carb making us fat .

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    I've been VLC most of the time, and stayed lean just fine. Hasn't made me fat.

    Granted, I have carb-up days which sometimes stay low fat, sometimes not, but it is only once every week or two for me that I do that. As I understand it it sounds like Powell would advocate for more carb loading days than I get now. Ah well, I've had no issues, I just don't know if I can be said to disprove his theory or not.

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