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Thread: BBC Horizon Fasting Method?

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    There are some good fasting threads, and this BCC documentary was discussed.

    When I fast, it is for weight loss. Autography sounds good and some day I will try an absolute water fast. Until then, I use things like fermented veggies (kraut mostly), bone broth, CO & butter in my coffee. I don't do coffee like that on a regular day, only when I know I am fasting. Usually WAY less than 600 calories for the day unless I have 2 or 3 coffees.

    Those are the 48hr fasts. For just an IF of less than 24, I just wait until lunch or dinner with teas or coffee until then.
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    reading your last post I can't help thinking that you're possibly approaching the problem from the wrong direction. It is easy to think that "primal" refers just to the diet (or diet + exercise) but really it describes is a whole lifestyle. I realise that a lot of people are unwilling or unable to modify their lifestyle in a big way but IMO it is a prerequisite to doing primal "properly". The most important things as I see it are staying active and minimising stress. I personally don't think it's very helpful when people say, "grok did this" and "grok did that" but obviously Grok didn't have a stressful job in advertising that involved him sitting on his butt all day drinking coffee and smoking! You might find it easier to adopt the primal diet, etc (and might find that it works better for you) if you can also adopt the other aspects of the primal lifestyle.

    Also FWIW when it comes down to straight fat loss, I found the most effective method for me was cutting out all sources of sugar (including fruit and "lower sugar" baked beans and other insulogenic foods.) for the period of time I was cutting. When I reached my desired weight I could re-introduce these foods and maintain the weight.

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    Zilog, I truly appreciate the concern

    However I didn't reply yesterday because worn out after a 2 hour mountain-climbing jungle trek...

    I did come to the conclusion after dropping some weight on the 'potato fast' that I deffo do need more regular exercise, as exercise seemed to make more difference than my food intake.

    As for stress, that's one thing I have very little off

    My life is almost too easy, relaxed and laid-back. I wake up naturally with no alarm clock, I work as and when I feel like it and don't really have to worry about money any more. In fact I'd say THE biggest stress in my life is the fear of losing this lifestyle

    It's true to say though that I spend WAY too much time on my ass and on the computer. I should also do more in the way of physical play, rather than entertaining myself on liveleak, imgur and Youtube (or marksdailyapple for that matter...)

    The BBC 2/5 day thing seems powerful, both for health and weightloss, so I'm surprised not to see more about it on here. Most of the 'IF' talk here seems to be about delayed breakfast, the 16 hour thing. I'm just saying that for smokers or habitual nibblers, cold-turkey for 16 hours a day just isn't practical.

    Personally I quit smoking last year, so that's one major health goal already reached


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    As a note, BBC pulled the video from youtube (copyright), but for now at least, here's one site where it's still available: Eat, Fast & Live Longer HD - Video Dailymotion
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