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Thread: Throwing hatchets/tomahawks -- good primal exercise?

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    Hey, a fellow Mainer! A punching bag would be good, but if you had enough space you could definitely get yourself a workout involving the t-hawk. Something like sprinting to throw at different targets, or throwing/sprinting back and forth to progressively further targets, maybe?
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    I'm not so sure I would call it an exercise but more of a skill and it does look like a lot of fun. As to adding running to learning the skill, didn't your momma ever tell you about running with sharp objects in your hand?
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    Believe it or not, it can be good exercise if you practice long enough. You can build up a sweat. No different than walking. More calories would be burned throwing an axe per hour than walking. Axe throwing goes something like, throw, WALK to target, remove axe or bendover pick it up, WALK back, repete. You would get the same benefits as walking for an hour plus the throwing of the arm and an occasional squat to pick it up...
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