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Thread: Low Fiber Diet Ideas from others who followed Fiber Menace

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    Low Fiber Diet Ideas from others who followed Fiber Menace

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    I am currently experimenting with a lower fiber diet since I got a lot of feedback about the book Fiber Menace and how too much fiber can actually increase constipation. I have had a lot of constipation/bloating recently and it is due to all the veggies, raw fruits and salads that I have been fueling up on. The past few days I have stuck with pretty much all protein, fats and some really cooked veggies. I wanted to know what low fiber diet to focus on if eating a lot of raw salads and veggies is not working for me. Do I get those nutrients from maybe green juices instead? What about cooking my vegetables, does that decrease fiber content? Any advice on what to eat?

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    Cooking vegetables will make them easier to digest. You could start by eating more cooked vegetables (rather than almost entirely raw) and see how that helps. It does reduce the fiber content, but, depending on the vegetable, not by that much. You'll still get plenty of nutrients from cooked vegetables, so I wouldn't worry about juicing to make up for anything.
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