So I just started nursing school. Currently I spend 1/2 day a week in clinical - so not much hospital time yet. I'm on a Med Surg unit - so a pretty wide variety of patients.

I guess I knew this going in, but so many things seem so counter-health rather than pro-health. The food served to patients is AWFUL. Everything is processed and nearly all of my patients have diabetes - their menu choices include plain white bread, subs, burgers, fries, chicken noodle soup, pretzels, chips, etc. Dessert comes with both lunch and dinner.

Pain management is such a priority (which I guess it should be...) that most patients seem to be constipated because of the narcotics they are on. Many have thrush because of some broad spectrum antibiotic that wiped out normal flora. When my patient today asked the nurse if she could take a probiotic instead of another antibiotic for her thrush the RN just ignored the comment as though she was joking. I don't know... could that have worked?

I just go along and do what I'm told and keep my mouth shut as my T2D patient asks me if she should get mac and cheese or pizza for lunch... but it does bother me. I'm not saying that medical care today is bad, just that there are so many aspects of disease prevention and health maintenance that seem to be ignored.

Anyone else out there is medical land? Are you conflicted giving care that could be improved upon? Do you do anything to change things?