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Thread: What type of carbs for a very active person

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    What type of carbs for a very active person

    What types of carbs are okay for a very active 54 year old women on the paleo way of life. I have a very high-energy job-lots of walking, swimming and lifting at the pool I work. I also bike, run, swim, do crossfit, golf-basically very active lifestyle.

    I keep reading about adding carbs for athletes on the grok diet, but unclear as to what type? Is this strictly yams or sweet potatoes?

    Thanks for helping.

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    Any types of carbs will be beneficial, as long as they're coming from high quality, unprocessed sources. Starches such as sweet potatoes, yams, normal potatoes, plantains, and white rice are great. Don't fear fruit either as they are loaded with great vitamins and minerals.

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