Location: Texas

Age: 54 years young

How Primal: probably 80% primal. We buy grassfed longhorn, buy local veggies. Not always able to eat when I'm hungry at my work place.

Consume Dairy: minimal-Greek yogurt every now and then

Tea or Coffee: Green tea 2-4x a week. Love the way coffee smells, can't stand the taste

Motivator switching to primal: holistic doctor recommended and to loose weight

Favorite exercise: depends on the day-swimming, biking, running, crossfit, tennis, yoga. Least favorite swimming

Favorite primal food: Steak!!

Best part of being primal: Being a carnivore

Worst part: not always able to eat what I brought to work due to incidents/issues that arise at work

Look forward to lots of good info and community support from the forum.