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Thread: I can't stop eating sugar!

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    If you want sugar, eat sugar. It's not that bad for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goosejuggler View Post
    Hey, your story sounds like me! Once the novelty and motivation of starting paleo fades away, I found the sugar/treat cravings really bad - I cheated a lot.

    Its hard, but the solution for me is Whole 30 - no sugar at all! Not fruit, no dark choc, not even sweetened things. The idea is to break that craving, and to rethink how you eat completely. Always want dessert after meal? Sure you do, because that's what your brain has come to expect through a lifetime of habit.

    Whole 30 is really hard, especially at the beginning, but it is an excellent tool for controlling cravings. I feel so much better when I'm not under the thrall of sugar.
    I totally agree. Just go for 30 days no sugar, no fruit, no dark chocolate, however if you eat a bit of sweet potato, just 80 gms or so, that might be enough to keep on top of the cravings ? everyone is different.
    Good luck
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    this is me too. I only lose the cravings when I go no grains, no fruits, no low-fat dairy, whole-30-type strict.
    But just because I'm not craving doesn't mean I have impulse control when there's goodies easily attainable.

    I'm starting to learn the difference between cravings and impulses. L-Glutamine and Choline is supposed to help with the impulse-control issues - I don't know yet if it works, though.

    Maybe ask the people who live with you to please "hide" x, y, and z treats instead of leaving them out on the counter? Just the out of sight out of mind helps me stay away from things I shouldn't be snacking on. For instance, I've got Halloween candy in the house that I haven't touched because it's in a below-counter cupboard and I had forgotten about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpycakes View Post
    If you want sugar, eat sugar. It's not that bad for you.
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    I have the same problem. I did 51 days of Whole30 eating. A friend invited me to breakfast a week ago at a new cupcake place that makes GF cupcakes with all locally sourced, organic ingredients. So I had one mini cupcake. Which launched 10 days of non-stop sugar cravings. It seems that I just can't stop once I start when it comes to sugar.

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    I have had this problem and have been researching like mad, found the chromium piccolinate 600-800mcg in divided doses to work really well it killed my carb cravings - others have benefitted from tryptophan or 5HTP. Try the googling the Chromium connection

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    Walk away from the sugar - go cold turkey.

    I was addicted to the stuff for years, to the point where I would shovel it into my mouth straight out of the sugar bowl and could easily go back to it now.

    I stopped by not eating anything with added sugar, sweet or savoury, for about 3 years and have had to cut it out for intervals since then. Tell people around you that you can not digest the stuff and scrutinise labels.

    Good luck with it.

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    I, unfortunately, have a similar issue. I was doing good, losing weight and feeling great. Then I had a bit of a fruit feast this summer and am now in a full blown sugar binge that I feel powerless to stop. I tried to make paleo friendly snacks as a replacement but but I end up eating the whole batch and then all the Halloween candy. I am on a sugar rampage and feel powerless to control it. Moderation does not seem to work for me. I am going to have stick to nothing sweet at all - including fruit, honey or anything possibly healthy - I am somewhat consoled to know that I am not alone in this struggle.
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    I'm not sure how helpful this would be because I haven't personally tried it but ... meditation. I've read that meditation can help with a myriad of things, from depression, anxiety to addiction. Your problem is addiction, so get to work!

    There's also visualization, which sounds kinda counter productive, but when you get the craving, imagine you're satisfying it and then move the hell on.

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    Believe it or not, with time your brain will stop seeing these things as even being food. Not only will your tastes change after not eating sugar and crappy chemical laden food, but your brain will start to filter these things out as even being a food source. Crazy I know, but this is what I have found. I can go to a beautiful bakery and admire the beautiful looking treats, but have no desire to eat them. This is the real beauty behind the changes you make, but you need to give yourself enough time to change.

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