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Thread: Popcorn?

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    I hate cinema popcorn --- it's rancid and cooked in an abundance of unhealthy oils. Why not eat before you go to the cinema, or take a flask with a Gin and Tonic or red wine?
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    It occurs to me that I've been primal for nearly three years now and I haven't had popcorn in that time. While I do use my discretion at times popcorn does not register as food with me anymore. It's just a bad smell once in a while at work or when I go to a movie theater.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Louisa655 View Post
    Why not eat before you go to the cinema, or take a flask with a Gin and Tonic or red wine?
    Best idea ever...

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    ok cool

    Quote Originally Posted by Bishop View Post
    They have it at our co-op as well as Trader Joe's (sometimes).
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    +1. Upon going primal in June 2011, I stored my Whirley Pop away and haven't had popcorn since. After reading Karen's blog the other day, I decided to drag it back out, to be used on occasion. Even before my primal days, I used coconut oil for popping. That will still be the case, but now the popcorn will be smothered in pastured butter and sea salt. Yummmm
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