Seriously, this is starting to bug me.

Just yesterday I went to CostCo to pick up some frozen berries and also a thing of tinned oysters. On the way, I walked past all kinds of cooking stations. One was for these almond roca bars, which looked horrible in an excruciatingly delicious way. Fortunately she was just starting a new batch so I couldn't have any. One station was for pizza, another for rice (?) and the last was for breakfast hash.

It was the breakfast hash that got to me. It's eggs, sausage and hash browns that you pop in an oven. How is this saving any time at all? Seriously, cut up a sausage and put it in the pan, add a few eggs and leftover potatoes from last night and voila! Hash! Put in spices for flavor! Why would anyone buy pre-packaged, chemicalled breakfast hash? I wouldn't have bought that even before I was Primal.

Truly, I am baffled.