I'm reaching out for any help or advice. I found the Primal Blueprint during the spring of this year. I was pushing 300 pounds and miserable. As I started following the Primal Blueprint the weight started to just fall off and I felt better than I had in years. Things I had been suffering with for a long, long time just went away. I lost close to 50 pounds and was well on my way to being a Friday Sucess Story. Then I went to scout camp with my son and I didn't just fall off the wagon I threw myself off. I've gone down hill ever since and have gained back most of what I lost. I've tried multiple times to go back Primal but the carb withdrawal is so severe I fail every time. I've never experienced anyting like it, it seems like I crave sugar more now than I ever did before. Has anyone else experienced this kind of setback? How did you overcome?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.