The background
Have been dabbling in and out of a Whole 30 protocol the past two months or so, going withour dairy and sugar for extended periods. Found out that excluding sugar is liberating and including sugar leads to binges and excuses.

The Aim
To go Whole 30 for November - usual primal fare, no sugar, no dairy, no alcohol - not even my stevia sweetened protein powder.

The Goal
To look awesome in a bikini - I go on holiday November 29th.

The Method
Keeping myself accountable on here, no excuses no failure. As it says on the the Whole 30 website, giving up heroin is hard. Beating cancer is hard. Giving up sugar is not hard.
Hitting the gym hard with Stage 3 of NROLFW - really giving all I have to give and appreciating everything my body is capable of, 2 body balance classes a week, utilising my standing desk for AT LEAST 2/3 of my workday, incorporating a lot incidental movement, walks, not getting glued to the couch as soon as I walk in the door.

So this is my plan, I'm pretty excited - this journal will really help me focus on what is important.

Anyone care to come along for the ride?