When I first started paleo/primal I didn't think alcohol was a big deal. I didn't really change my drinking habits much, I just substituted red wine for beer and continued on. The more I get into the paleo the more I am realizing that alcohol is not paleo and I should be trying to reduce and eliminate it from my diet. I would say that alcohol is the one thing that is getting in the way of my progress the most. Most of my cheating incidents happen because I had too much to drink.

I seem to do the best in reaching my goals when I make them into a challenge, so I am going to be doing a No Alcohol November challenge. For the first three weeks of November I will not be drinking any alcohol. This will probably be the longest I have gone without alcohol since I turned 21 six years ago. I am curious to see how I feel going this long without drinking. I decided to end the challenge before Thanksgiving so I can have a glass of wine with my family or drink a little with my high school friends.

I encourage everyone to join me in No Alcohol November. I created a challenge on Social Workouts to track everyone's progress. Sign up and get healthy. Who is with me?