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    Quote Originally Posted by sandokan2112 View Post
    I think this is a great idea for the folks out there who let their alcohol consumption get out of hand at times and dont know when to stop after a couple of drinks. Or drink for the wrong reason.

    Personally i would never give up my red wine..... Why? Studies have proven again and again that moderate drinkers live longer and are healthier then non drinkers.
    The key word here is "moderation" folks, like a nice glass of red wine with dinner (Mark Sisson knows what im talking about :-)
    After I finish with this challenge I plan to drink, but less than I am currently drinking. Maybe one glass of red wine twice a week. I am curious if the studies that show moderate drinking increases life expectancy is because people who drink moderately tend to do it at social settings and being social and having friends makes people happier thus leading to longer life. Just a theory.

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    I have been sober since April 20, 2011. Can I still be in ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeatlesFan View Post
    I have been sober since April 20, 2011. Can I still be in ??
    Most definitely -- and good for you!

    I'm in for the November challenge ---- I'd like to go a month without red wine. Cheers everyone!
    F, 48, 5'10"
    Start Date: 25-06-12 @ 161lbs
    Goal Reached: 30-09-12 @ 143lb. Now bouncing between 145lb - 149lb. I'd like less bounce and more consistency :-)

    Started Cross Fit 20.12.12 ---- Can't wait to submit my success story on the 1st anniversary of starting primal.

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    Since going paleo at the start of September I believe that eliminating alcohol for the first month of that was the biggest single factor in my success with this way of eating - since then I have re-introduced the odd glass of wine. I would normally drink at least 20 pints of beer a week, so that went down to zero and after that only the odd glass of red wine or glass of cider. Totally eliminating pizza was the second biggest factor (bread third). I would probably eat two of those a week. That's around 6000 calories there combined. Not only have I now lost the wheat belly almost completely, but my mental focus since leaving alcohol behind has been very notable. For me, personally speaking, the re-introducing the 'occasional' wine has had a few negative consequences. I don't feel 100% sharp in the morning. I'm maybe 90-95% there (and better than the 70% with beer) but I'm wondering if this loss of edge is really worth that glass and a half of red at night? So, yes I'm in for the November challenge just to see if I do notice the difference again. I would rather drink fruit smoothie at night anyway but of course that has sugar/carb consequences.

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    Nah. Already broke it with my nightly tequila + lime
    F 28/5'4/100 lbs

    "I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath; do your research."

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    I can take it or leave it, either way. I drank a lot when I was younger but now that I am 50 I just don't want to anymore. Bleh.

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    Good idea, before the silly season.

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    For quite a long time (well before Primal) my husband and I have given up all alcohol from the 12th day of Christmas for one month. This was not for any particular religious reason but for health and expenditure after the holiday season and to return to a more 'normal' regime. It always works for me... but I quite like the idea of a November ban to loosen the hold of alcohol in general before the holidays. We are fairly European in our tastes and usually have a glass of wine with our evening meal in the week and perhaps a whisky at the weekend. But the Christmas period can be quite 'festive' here in England!

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    I want to! I was just thinking about cutting out alcohol this month and I read your post. I went a few weeks without (longest without since I became a legal drinker) a couple of months ago and although it was tough at gatherings, I really felt good. Seems like a good month to do it again.

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    So far so good. Of course it's only 9:15 AM on the 1st.

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