I'm a twenty-year old college student in my third year of a bachelorís degree in biology and I have been primal for about six months now. I am 5'0", female, and currently weight about 133 lbs. When I started this change in early May, I weighed something like 163 lbs. I have been overweight for a few years and got kind of tired of being fat. Not only have I lost weight, I have seen excellent results in energy gain and mood elevation as well. I have also noticed fewer issues with skin blemishes, skin irritation or sensitivity and dandruff - extras that I never expected.

For a little background, I live with my grandparents and my family is "southern". Our typical dinner includes some kind of meat (maybe fried); beans, potatoes, corn, or rice; and bread. We also enjoy a good amount of greens but corn is considered a vegetable at the table. My grandparents initially thought I might be crazy when I told them about what I was going to be eating. They thought I might not be getting a good-rounded diet by restricting foods. A month or two before this I had tried a lower carb-low fat diet that really didn't set with me well. I spent most of my time denying myself foods instead of replacing them. Of course my grandparents thought that a month or so down the road I would give this up as well.

At first eating was a chore because I wanted nothing more than a piece of the wheat bread I had been eating several slices of daily. I had to learn new ways to eat and think of food as well as just slow down. Everything I ate felt like a topping to a slice of bread or the side that is supposed to go on rice. Having dinner with my family wasn't as easy either as they had no intention of changing their habits. I had to cook for myself and temptation was all over the counters, in the pantry, and in the fridge. Seeing as how I don't buy the groceries, I cannot eliminate these sources of temptation, so instead I steeled my determination.
After the first month I was feeling energized, light, and enjoying my food immensely. I started losing weight at a pretty good pace as well. I found my caloric goals and macro ratios very easy to attain without even logging my food as I went. I was in my last term at a community college and was only taking two classes so making food everyday was pretty easy.

Then I finished there and had to move on. Now I am far into my first term at a university and making food for lunch is a labor intensive process that doesn't always happen. Lots of other things have changed as well.
Our family has suddenly lost a lot of income, and our family size has grown by three individuals (two of whom eat a lot). Now I am finding myself eating more fruits and starchy vegetables than ever and the carb percentage keeps growing. I have had a few days where I just ate cookies or pizza too (it's never as pleasurable as I think it will be though). My weight-loss is definitely dropping off and my weight is plateauing. I gained back a few pounds due to excessive cheat days but overall the trend is a good one.
None of my clothes fit right anymore. I have invested in a leather belt to keep all of my pants up. I fit into some clothing that has been stored away in my closet for few years. I am eating a lot less food at a slower pace and taking the time to enjoy almost every bite. My next expenditure will hopefully be a good food processor. Right now I am chopping, cutting, and grating everything by hand with knives and a cheese grater. This limits what things I can do with raw materials.

I am still eating regular mayonnaise (when I eat it), non-organic foods and typical local supermarket meat but this area doesnít have much to offer in the ways of local food from what I am finding. The local CSA is no more and small farms are selling to companies instead. I found grass-fed beef but for $7 a lb with a minimum order of 1/8 of a steer. I donít know anyone to split it with and the family is concerned about investing money in meat that could spoil during a power outage. I havenít found eggs or chicken yet. There is supposed to be a new farmerís market in the area but they are only open on Tuesdays, which are super-busy days for me (I donít get home until way past dark). Other non-primal things I still eat some of: ketchup, breakfast sausage, cooked beans (infrequently), the occasional scoop of peanut butter (really infrequent), and take-out food on campus (like takeout Chinese).

Hopefully here I can connect a little with other people who can relate as well as journal my progress and thoughts. Of course today Fitday is having issues so I can't go back and look at some of my logged data. I will fill that in later I guess. If anyone has any suggestions for food logging someplace that is more stable, I'm all ears.