Primal/paleo seems to just feel right, having been overweight pretty much since puberty, like most of you I have tried it all. Eventually, I got stuck on a CW lifestyle that had me almost vegetarian but needing to graze on chocolates/sweets for 'energy boosts' (abundantly available in a hospital, which is fortunately where I work and not where I live). I counteracted this dietary guilt with intense bursts of lycra'd mass aerobics and runs (I quit the gym last week).

I've always been vaguely interested in nutrition, dabbled in a broad spectrum of fasting, for various reasons, but always ended back on my default CW setting. The sense of empowerment from reading PB and the Paleo Solution (and all the blogs I can find - iheartgooglereader) makes me giddy, guess it appeals to the rebel in me....anyway I've never blogged much or enjoyed a big online presence, but reading this forum, other people's stories, journals and queries, has been invaluable. Almost one month in I feel better than I ever have before and suddenly all my 'unacheivables' challenge me rather than defeat me. Today I had my first Crossfit experience and realise that I need as much help as I can get, I thought a journal might just help....we'll see!

So my goals from this (and life in general) is to be fit and healthy so I can take full enjoyment in the wonderful life I have, savouring each exciting, adventurous minute.

Short term this means losing weight, cleaning up my diet and getting put figures on it: I'd like to weigh 75kg/165lbs by Christmas and be able to do 30 press-ups in a row....acheivable? I'd like to think so!

So SW 89kg/196lbs (02/10/12)
CW 83.6kg/184lbs (30/10/12)
GW 64kg/140lbs
(I'm 5'8"/173cm)
Proper, man press-ups: 3 (ok maybe 2 with good 30/10/12

I havent calculated body fat percentages yet but hey gotta save something for the rainy days