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Thread: ladies.....

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    what does your regular workout regimen look like?

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    Dec 2011
    Pacific NW
    I walk 45 minutes to an hour everyday - or very nearly everyday. I do a little yoga and a little pilates and a little Tae Bo.
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    Apr 2012
    Alberta, Canada
    I do Crossfit. I usually work out 2-3 days in a row, then take a day off.

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    Mar 2012
    New Hampshire
    I do yoga twice a week, this class called PiYo twice a week ( a blend of Pilates and yoga), and a weight lifting class twice per week. The extra yoga isn't super strenuous and helps stretch me out and stay flexible

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    Aug 2010
    I'm doing 531 (a barbell program). Every other day I do my main lift, generally pretty heavy, and then I do some accessory movements and some bodyweight/skill work. I'm in and out of the gym in under an hour (often 45 minutes), and I like it that way.

    On other days I may do some tabatas or sprints, or I might run. I also do other kinds of casual movement such as walking, hiking, biking, dancing--stuff that's active but not a "workout". With the snow here now, I can add shovelling to my list too.
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    Jun 2012
    Northern Utah
    I do Crossfit workouts Mondays and Thursdays (and sometimes Saturdays, usually depending on the weather).

    I do Olympic weightlifting on Tuesdays, powerlifting on Fridays, and supplemental weight lifting at home on Sundays.

    I hike/mountain bike/ski/snowshoe/snowboard for 4-8 hours on the weekend (not strenuous, more like leisurely/conversational with hubby).

    On Wednesdays I get a massage!

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    Jul 2011
    On a goat farm in central Indiana
    Max reps military pushups, finish out with the same amount of kneeling pushups.
    Max reps squats
    Max reps tricep dips
    Max reps crossfit/full situps

    Other days, I'll do a yoga or Pilates video.

    Other days I will focus on core/planks - 1 min plank (or longer!), 20 plank up/downs (10 per side), 20 mountain climbers or knee crunches, 1 min plank.

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    how do i get started with crossfit??

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    Apr 2012
    Chicago Suburbs
    PBF Th, Sat, M
    Indoor Soccer Wed

    Once we're settled into the new house I'm going to start back with weight training at least once a week. I miss lifting heavy things.

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    Jun 2012
    United States
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    Very little lately... I need to step it up!

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