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    I try to walk (with husband) at least 2 miles/day (preferably 4, but work gets in the way - I'm on call for our customer). That gets me fresh air and a little movement. My real exercise is alternate days Convict Conditioning (do start at the beginning - even the earliest exercises develop neglected bits and are worth it in the long run) and KBs on the other days. I need the more intense exercise to blow off work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PandaRose View Post
    how do i get started with crossfit??
    PandaRose, go to and click on the Community link (upper left of the page) then on Affiliate Finder Map. You can find a Crossfit box close to you, go and watch and talk to them and see if it's the kind of thing you'll enjoy.

    If you can't afford it or there isn't one near you, click on Start Here and then BrandX Scaled Workouts to get to their forum. They post a workout every day that you can do at home (or most of the exercises at home), with scaling for different degrees of ability.

    One of the things I like about Crossfit is the community of people I work out with. I started by doing the BrandX workouts at home, but it's much more motivating to do it with friends and cheer each other on!

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    I walk my dog 30 miles a week, cycle ~40-50 miles (although this has dropped off because its coolish out and I'm a wimp) and lift weights 3 days a week. A friend and I have been discussing swimming a couple times a week but it hasn't progressed to actually doing it yet! You can probably guess that I am lucky and don't have to work

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    Far too little at the moment ....

    20 - 60 minutes of walking every day, with sprints built in every 5 days, and for lifting heavy things I use filling log baskets (6 loads of logs & 3 - 6 coal scuttles per day), coal scuttles, stacking and chopping wood. Once a fortnight or so I go wood foraging with my OH, and it's my job to get the bits of tree he's cut into the trailer and then back out again at the woodshed.

    I do need to get something a bit more organised thought.

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    Les Mills Body Flow (BodyBalance outside NA): 4x/weel
    Irish dance (2hr class) - 1x/week
    HIT - 1x/week
    Lifting weights - 1x/week
    Walk as much as I can (time and weather permitting) - probably right now not adding up to more than 60mins/week

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    I do 4 weightlifting sessions a week - 2 upper body, 2 lower body, usually all my programs contain supersets of compound free weights exercises (chin-ups, presses, squats, lunges, deadlifts, Russian leg curls etc.). Together with corrective exercises (to improve structural balance in my upper body), foam rolling and stretching, my sessions are usually 1.5-2 hrs long.
    I usually alternate my programs so that for a month I do really heavy stuff with longer rests and for a month - either intense lifting (lower weights, more reps, little rest) or dense lifting (heavy weights, less reps, very little rest).
    Apart from that I do HIIT once a week (running up and down stairs) and walk for about 7-10 km a day (on working days).

    I think it works well for me - at the moment I am BMI 20 with 16% bodyfat.

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    Lifting (different program depending on my goal): 4x a week
    Dedicated Cardio: 3-5 x a week (depending on the level of tiredness) in 20 to 30 min intense sessions.
    MS/Play: daily
    Steam room: 2-5 x a week
    Stretch: want to do daily, but hit maybe 4-5 x a week tops ('cause I am stupid)
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    I'm doing some strength training with free weights 3x/week. I have a core fitness class 1x/week. These two are the only things I consider "working out".

    Otherwise, I just try to stay active in general:

    I try to go for a very slow run 2x/week for one or two hours.
    I bicycle commute but it's getting harder with these dark mornings so I haven't been doing it.
    I go for an easy walk during lunch hour if I'm not doing something else.
    I hike at least once on the weekend, usually with at least 1500+ elevation gain.
    I set an alarm to tell me to get up every hour during my work day and do something like climb the stairs or do some squats or pushups.
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.

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    I Crossfit every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and (most) Fridays. I also usually fit in a 3 mile jog once a week and my husband and I do a short sprint session once every week or two. We also do 3 hour Adventure races once a month (mountain bike/canoe/run) but on the weekends we don't have those, I usually ride my horse, bicycle or hike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PandaRose View Post
    how do i get started with crossfit??
    It would be great if you could find a good one through word-of-mouth. That way you're not wasting time and money.

    Crossfit is amazing when you find the right gym and the right trainers. It can be awful if it's the opposite, from what I've read, which is really too bad.
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