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Thread: How Paleo/Primal Made Things Better Thread.

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    After 5 months:

    Weigh what I did 30 years ago but feel much stronger.
    Blood pressure better.
    Sugar shakes gone.
    Bloating gone.
    Insomnia gone.
    Menopause symptoms gone.
    Teeth feel clean.
    Clothes fit well (my new ones that is, the old ones are all too big).
    Enjoy exercise. Joined a social sports team.
    Husband is becoming healthier.
    Love every meal and snack.
    Greater understanding of nutrition.
    Ability and desire to fast.
    Enjoy cooking even more than ever.

    Similar to what others have said, really. It's just great. This is not a diet but the way I live now. Five months have gone in a flash but I have learnt so much by experience during that time.
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