OK, this is for people to list ways they feel better since going Primal/Paleo.

For example:
-I am happy with my figure and have come to terms with my fat: a woman needs some fat on her for health. No more panicking, no more pinching my fat in front of the mirror. It's mine and I don't mind.
-I'm loving my own body in general.
-I know what I can and can't eat and don't have to fret over "magic numbers" ("five a day", "2000kcal", "50g fat"...).
-Although I like the way I am, if nature makes me a bit thinner, fatter, more muscled, more tanned... next month, I won't fret, because my body is doing what nature intends and, if it needs anything (more food, less sugar, more rest, less walking...) it will TELL me and I will LISTEN.
-I don't think I'll ever think about "going on a diet" ever again.
-I feel slightly smug when IFing over lunch and I see other folks having deli "healthy options" sandwiches and diet sodas, because I know my option's healthier.
-I feel stronger and more energized.
-I care about and pay attention to what I put in my mouth, "obsessing" to a point where food has become a genuinely pleasurable, fun experience again.