I know I'm not the only one here who has changed their life for the better. But there's the food, and then there's this new way of life. Since finding the Primal Blueprint I've made it a point to keep a walking, standing job. My wife and I bought a house on five acres and plan to produce as much of our own food as possible, to stick it to big agra, big pharma and to optimize our health. Five years ago I was a chubby, zitty city kid playing video games and eating hostess processed foods daily, with spaghetti for dinner. I didn't save any money or plan for the future even a little. Today I'm a fit man, I had a ribmeat steak with two duck eggs for breakfast, spent three hours chopping and hauling firewood in the rain to get ready for the winter, and took my shoes off when I came in from being outside in the mud. I am living an entirely new life, I have erased so many risk factors and have added so many good habits that I'm barely me anymore - and that's a good thing. My health is vastly better, yes. But now I'm part of the army of change, working to make America strong again. I never thought I could, or would, be part of the solution. I never would have gone this far without all of your stories and inspiration. I know some of us are still renting an apartment and eating cheap hot dogs, either getting started or just not quite as inspired to buck the system and make the world a better place. But EVERYONE here is an inspiration in some way, and all your inspiration, along with all the info I've come across concerning monsanto, animal abuse, malnutrition and more have turned me into a whole new person. Has anyone else completely reformatted their lives in this way? Did you move, start a garden, get to know your neighbors or anything? I can't wait for what's next, and I'm so glad to share this place with you all.