If at all...

According to a lot of the books paleo/primal has gone from a small niche community to mainstream recognition. This might be true to some degree, I don't know, but it's clearly it is not achieved general recognition even if I only go by the amount of blank faces if I dare utter the word 'paleo' in general conversation. However, looking at the so called 'eatwell plate' today, which is the government guidelines as to what constitutes a 'healthy balanced diet' in the UK, I was pleased to see a lot of criticism of it in the comments below it:

Eatwell plate

At least a lot of the criticism comes down too many carbs. I've also come across several people recently on low carb diets - on some variations of paleo/primal. So I think that there is some sort of growing awareness against grains and too many carbs in general if not perhaps the paleo/primal diet in particular. I just wondered what people thought about this, if you think that paleo/primal or a version of it might go more mainstream in the future and if so how long? I know that Cordain said in an interview that if it were to grow more it would have to be a bottom-up approach as there would be no way that government authorities would massively u-turn on previous recommendations. If you have any opinion on the matter I would be interested to read it, thanks.