Hi everyone ...

Been a while, must admit I fell off the wagon a few months back. Met a lovely lady, many dates and evenings out ... and well ... I ate very non-primal for a while.

However recently my partner (who while absolutely gorgeous, is carrying some extra weight and is fairly partial to many of the SAD foods, especially sugar ) became interested in Primal living when I expressed a desire to get back to it, recalling how great I felt when I was fully primal. So I encouraged her to read the Primal Blueprint, which she has done and she thought it made tons of sense.

So we have both commenced back on the lifestyle, and I'm enjoying being back. We've made quite a few primal meals off this website and others.

Two weeks in though, things are getting tough for her. While dinners are fine, she is really struggling to find anything to eat for breakfast and lunch. She is hungry most of the time, and feeling very depressed. I'm doing all I can to support her, and she is trying very hard, but I can see how much of a struggle it is for her, and I obviously am concerned about the long term sustainability of it if it is making her so unhappy.

Would love to hear thoughts and recommendations on what else I can do to help, and what else we can look at foodwise ... I suspect having cut out the carbs her fat intake isn't high enough. Unfortunately while I can get away with eating a few big meals a day and be happy, she only eats relatively small portion sizes, but then is hungry soon thereafter.

Any advice or thoughts greatly received!