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Thread: Helping Someone Transition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sambo712 View Post
    Sometimes I wake up early enough to make her breakfast, and that seems to lead to happier days.

    She could layer cinnamon sweet potatoes then bacon, greek yogurt and nuts in a yogurt pot container the night before and just grab it on her way out in the morning. Bloody delicious.

    Or make a quiche the night before - if she doesn't have time to heat it up, it tastes good cold.

    For lunch she could eat a BAS - it's satisfying with avocado and meat.

    I went Primal cold turkey and haven't looked back. I used to love sweet stuff (still do) but I don't crave cw sweet stuff at all - and it happened really quickly because the meat and fat is sooo satisfying.
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    Sounds like she's not eating enough. I think it's better for her to STUFF herself on primal fatty proteiny food. Stuff her like Thanksgiving, to break her of the snacking habit and convert her metabolism away from sugar-burner. When she's feeling better, work on portion size.

    Here's my meal plan.

    Breakfast: Two hard boiled eggs and a Smoothie: berries, green tea, whey powder, bit of banana, and 1/12 a can of coconut oil.
    (Whey powder is a bit of a misnomer on MDA, but it gets the job done for me. A whole can of coconut oil is total overload.)

    Ziplock sells a container which is three compartments and a lid.

    It's plainly meant for a sandwich, raw carrots or something, and m&ms. Haha. I make ground beef in tomato sauce -- or chicken soup -- in the big compartment, a good veggie like kale in the mid-size compartment, and a starchy veggie like sweet potato or carrots in the small compartment. Plus a square of chocolate.

    A raw or cooked veggie and a meat. My dinner meats are 3 oz canned salmon OR a can of sardines OR pre-cooked gluten free nitrate free sausage. (in the US we have a Jones brand.) That sausage is dripping with fat and fills me up.

    Snack: butter. Yep. Grass-fed salted butter right out of the tub. After a teaspoon or so, I've had enough.
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    Thank you all for the fantastic advice. This really is a wonderful community. We will take a look at some of the advice and see how we go!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lowcarbjas View Post

    She could layer cinnamon sweet potatoes then bacon, greek yogurt and nuts .
    Wow, that sounds amazing!! I might try some variation of this for a family brunch this weekend! Or it could make a side dish at dinner with sour cream instead of the greek yoghurt.

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