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    I'm all cross today, I tried to run again to-day after resting for over a week and calf/achilles tendon still F***ed (OH looked up what I describes on interweb and thinks I may have a partial rupture of something so off to the Doc for a diagnosis soon) I REALLY like getting out into the fresh air - it's the head space I need, so I have been in a right miserable mood all day. Also the kids arn't well, and I can't seem to lose weight right now no matter what I try to reduce intake/increase satisfaction. Generally I'm a right grumpy norther git today.

    So I have decide just now to do a NO-vember

    No Nuts

    No Dairy (apart from butter to fry in as we eat family meals and that would be just bloody akward seeing as I would be replacing one fat with another just to tick a box) ((but definatly no cream in coffee of cheese.))

    No Fruit(I'm not getting in the argument of what is a fruit and what is a vegetable if you eat it as a vegetable then it's a vegetable)

    No Sugar No Atifical sweetners either, that's just cheating.Or honey for that matter

    No Paleo ******* cos if it's the paleo ****** than it's not really paleo or ******

    No Grains

    No legumes

    So basically, incase I have missed anything:

    (in a Jessy's Diet's voice:

    This month I are be mostly eating;
    Dead Flesh
    Vegetable matter
    Bird Ovulations

    To clean myslef up, sort out my diet, hopefully start on the way to losing the last 15 - 20lbs and generally give my self a kick up the arse and an alternative focus seeing as I can't run - which I may have mentioned I WAS REALLY BLOODY ENJOYING

    Feel free to join in, point and laugh or tell me to eat potatoes
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