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    You could just use a normal deodorant stick without too much poisons.
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    Normal deodorant stains my clothing no matter how "invisible" or "no residue" they are. Rock crystal is much cleaner to use and less damaging on my clothing.
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    I use this

    Ice Guard Natural Crystal Deodorant Twist Up 120g: Health & Beauty

    and it works well. Been using it 3+ years and no problems - either with skin reactions or smell! And some days can be pretty strenuous in sunshine - and it still works. I apply it to wet pits and rub on quite a bit. One stick lasts about a year...

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    Benadryl works best for my rashes i have extremely sensitive as all deodorants even Dove made me itch and actually gave me body instead of preventing it. The problem is the way deodorants work is they clog your pores. I tried something new and I love it and you have to wash and dry the area. Use this deodorant no longer. If you have used others before that didn't result in rash that's the one to use. However, until the rash clears up do not use anything. After washing and drying try some hydrocortison over the counter cream, or just some regular corn starch is best to keep the area clean and dry. Once the rash has cleared then you can use a deodorant you know is ok for you

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