A few days ago my armpits were burning, so I took a look. Sure enough, the area I normally apply deodorant to was red and skin was physically rolling up and peeling off. So I jumped into the shower and rinsed myself clean. That was the last product I'd been using. I'm not surprised, I knew it was iffy stuff (Arm and hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant, contains Dipropylene Glycol, propylene glycol, TRICLOSAN?!, and a few others I have never seen before.) I'm now soap, shampoo, and deodorant free. Aside from the trace of gel that might come in a new razorblade, traces of hippy laundry soap, and hand sanitizer at work, nothing much else gets on my skin anymore. But my pits STILL STINK! Does coconut oil really work? What about that goofy rock thing? I work point blank with hospital patients and am REQUIRED to not stink. Help quick!