This is going to be a really REALLY weird question. I have more faith in people in forums like this more than I do with Doctors. Doc's seem to know only so much. Both my family doc and my surgeon have no idea but have never been asked. Surgeon says, others probably have it as well but too embarrased to ask.

Ok....drum roll..........

I had a total shoulder replacement done over 3 years ago. Since then, that armpit (my right) gets really bad for body odor. I can't go 12 hours without scrubbing it. Now, I've experimented, I"ve left my left side go for over 4 days to get even close to the right's smell in 12 hours!!!!! So, it has to be with the titanium etc in my shoulder I would think.

I hate to wear deodarant as I think it just cloggs up the pores.

Anyone have any ideas why this might happen and what I might do to fix it?

Thanks in advance to any and all replies. And thanks for reading an awkward post for me.