I need some input from all you fellow PBers out there, in particular, any firefighters.

We are in the construction process of a petrochemical plant in Egypt. We are about a year from hiring firefighters (Egyptian) and will have a full time fire department before we go into operations. But I want to start fitting out a fitness facility for them now (and for me and anyone else that wants to use it).

Please keep in mind that most of the fitness equipment you can buy in Egypt is rubbish. Having some stuff imported is possible but I would like to make do with what we have as much as possible.

Here is what I have come up with:

Sandbags (we have LOTS of sand here)
Old truck tires for sledgehammer training and flipping
Pull up bar using scaffold materials
I could likely have a sled made for pulling, we could also use the department pickup for the same thing.
Rocks for picking up and tossing around (we have lots of rocks also)
Considering getting in some backpacks to fill with sand and use for training
Bodyweight exercises

A lot of the training will be done in their firefighting gear (turnouts)

I will be participating in the training since the fire department will be part of my responsibilty.

Any other ideas would be much appreciated