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Thread: Primal Powerlifting, getting enough food, etc.

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    Primal Powerlifting, getting enough food, etc.

    Currently I'm doing Jamie Lewis' Destroy the Opposition beginners program, with intentions to move on to the deadlifting program. It's a 5 day strength training routine (I know I know, lift heavy things once a week, but this is what I want to do - be a strength athlete.)

    I'm still VERY much a beginner after having to restart a few times due to a back injury, which is mostly healed now.
    I went from a 155 to 225 1rm squat in about 2 months, so my progress feels steady, but a tad slow. Today's workout will be 4 sets of 6 reps @ 195.

    So far my recovery has been pretty much just OK, but I've been eating outside the specs to try and get enough calories in to support growth.

    here's an outline of what I'm currently doing: (I"m not looking to change anything in the program, this is here for reference.)

    Monday and Saturday:
    4s 6r squat
    4s 6r bench
    3s 10r military press (light)
    2s 10r misc. tricep work

    Tuesday and Friday:
    4s 6r pendlay row
    3s 10r chin ups (assisted)
    3s 10r accessory (wrist curls, shrugs, lolbicep curls, depending on my mood.)
    3s 10r calf raises

    4s 6r Deadlifts
    3s 6r Military Press (heavy)
    3s 10r dips

    Right now I'm eating a LOT of dairy. 1-2lbs of cottage cheese, lots of milk.
    Getting some eggs in, but I can't stand eating a lot of them.
    Money is a bit of an issue at the moment, because after having grass-fed steak, I can't stand the cheap stuff anymore.

    I'm also doing 5:2, which seems to be helping keep my digestive system intact (I have ibs.) 3300-3800 calories 5 days, 600 2 days.
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