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Thread: Protein after workout, how much?

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    Protein after workout, how much?

    I have started eating some protein after workouts to increase muscle size. How much Protein?
    I have been eating a can of sardines (23 grams) or 3 hard boiled eggs (24 grams). Is that enough? I have heard that one should eat 1 gram per pound of body weight. If I did that I would be eating all day, not hungry enough for that or have enough money.
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    it's 1g/kg lean body mass generally, but bodybuilderslifters suggest 2g/kg of LEAN body

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    If you want the protein to be available in your bloodstream in time to really matter, you might want to consider eating some before the workout as well. It probably takes a few hours for it to full digest and be broken down.
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    I take 10g BCAAs pre workout and 10 grams post workout then eat ASAP.
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