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Thread: adrenals / cortisol - advice please

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    adrenals / cortisol - advice please

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    Hi everyone,

    Read Marks and Robb Wolf's excellent books and when I read his section on cortisol / adrenals I could pretty much check all the boxes, I especially have the waking in the night at 4am with increased heart rate (adrenaline) etc

    taking 1/2 tsp of sea salt before bed eliminates the adrenaline at 4am, but I still wake.

    Other than lifestyle changes (which I am attending to) Robb mentions in the book he didn't go in to a lot of detail as to possible supplements etc I could take to get back on track

    Appreciate any help I guess this is a very common problem


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    Magnesium might help.

    I take melatonin sometimes before bed (not related to adrenal fatigue).

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