Hi everyone,

What is your experience of temporarily going back to grains?

I am about to go on a meditation retreat for 10 days and and have not done one of these since going Primal. The food is old school vegetarian -- Rice+Chickpeas for breakfast, then vegetarian food like quiche, pizza, pasta etc sometimes heavy on dairy and eggs (yay!) for lunch.

There is no dinner. It's a 5hr eating window for old students.

So, my questions are....

  • If I eat the rice/chickpea dish for breakfast then try to stay clear of the bread/pastry at lunch but basically do the best I can. What can I expect?
  • Will I feel sick? Tired? Upset stomach?
  • Should I take my own paleo musli and have it with yogurt instead, then load up on coconut fat at lunch + whatever else I can scavenge from the buffet?

Basically looking for some advice! Its taken me ages to get over carb flu, and Im not keen to regress...