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Thread: Recipes for chicken liver soup?

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    Question Recipes for chicken liver soup?

    Anyone have any good suggestions for chicken liver soup? I had a good one recently but could only get a list of ingredients, it was pureed but not sure of the proportions for it: Chicken broth, soaked brown rice, celery, carrots, chicken, chicken liver, brewers yeast, basil leaves, celtic sea salt.

    Not set on a recipe just like this but just thought I would ask before I try to wing this and guess on how to make it. Any help or suggestions appreciated. I did a quick search of it but none stood out to me so if you have had/made ones that you prefer please share.


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    Hello Guys! i like the chicken soup very much especially in the winter.Can any one tell me the best recipe of these?Last weak i prepare it but some mistake occur and the taste is not good so that if you have any good recipe about that?

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    I like this Eastern European recipe my mom always makes, it's based on pickles. Basically, you take a few pickles (preferably not dill - you want them as plain as possible), as well as the liquid from the pickle jar, equal amount of carrots, potatoes, and onion, and boil them for about 20-30 minutes with some bay leaf and black pepper. You can use water or chicken broth as a base. Then throw in chicken hearts and chicken livers and cook for another 10-15 minutes. You can also add rice or barley, but I don't find it necessary.

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