I have been eating primally off and on for about 2 years. I am getting more serious as of late and want to add kettlebells. I have been doing the primal blueprint fitness regiment since August. I am somewhat happy with the results but based on reading about kettlebells I want to add them.

The question I have is how to add them. I have been doing primal blueprint fitness (the essential movements) twice a week. I am up to:

Pullup / chinup
knee pushups
hand/knee plank and hand/knee side plank

I picked up a 30 pound kettlebell (the heaviest they had at the store I was at) and a copy of enter the kettlebell. He seems to recommend a swing and getup system for a program minimum.

But the question I have is how someone should blend these. Do I abandon the primal movements and just go to kettlebells? Or should I keep up with both? If so what is my rampup method you would do?

Thanks for the help!