Big chili fan here, but this is my first year making a pot primally so to speak. Used to load it up w/ lots of legume beans but those are out now so here's mine:

Package stew meat
1 lb. spicy sausage
2 lbs. burger
1 Polish Kielbasa
Fry all that up in some olive oil and throw in the crock pot.

1 each green, red, yellow bell peppers
1 yellow onion
2 cloves garlic
large can Rotelle
large can diced tomatoes
1 jug of V8
Cut and dice and dump it all in the pot.

Added some chili powder, sea salt and oregano just for fun. Kitchen smells awesome right now, and I just did a taste test. Needs more simmer time but it's shaping up to be awesome! Love chili! Easy peasy and hard to screw up. Days gone by I'd of crumbled a bunch of saltine crackers in the bowl and dug in. Topped off with a cinnamon roll or two for desert, but that won't be happening this time around! I'm interested to hear other recipes for future reference. I like changing things up w/ my chili.