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Thread: A question for the Grokettes.

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    I just want to throw a cent into the discussion of 'girl' vs 'woman'. I actually know a female who was referred to as a 'woman' by a guy who was hitting on her. She felt offended because she thought he was implying she was really old. She was in her early 20's. Whether or not a person prefers the word 'girl' or 'woman' is personal and, sometimes, the words are interchangeable. There seem to me like there's less difference between 'girl' and 'woman' than there is between 'boy' and 'man', at least if the woman is young.

    Not saying that you shouldn't treat your fellow, adult members of humankind with respect and equality. Especially if you're looking to get laid. I'm just saying.

    As for myself... You'll go a long way with self esteem and respect. The lesser pieces of personality are usually possible to work around, as long as you're not a total asshat, or treats me like some sort of cheap property.

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    Funny thread Obviously I am fine with girl... even though I am 54.

    I agree with the well groomed, ultra clean. Can have day old beard but better smell good. Naturalness is important, a nice easy smile and just general conversation, chat, and showing caring interest about the people and world around you. Not specifically, I am trying to pick you up

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    You're going the wrong way about it.
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    Massive thanks to all the replies. I think any man will find them very useful.

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    What I find attractive is when a guy seems happy and confident, smiles a lot, and seems to have a sense of adventure. I prefer to meet people by attending activities that I enjoy and just talking to people during the activity. One thing I like when I talk to people is that they really listen. When people talk to me I listen closely, and if it turns out they don't listen back, that they just talk to fill up the empty spaces, that really bothers me. Some people don't really care about that and are perfectly happy just filling up the air with words. I let those people find each other. So basically just be yourself and do things you enjoy so that when you meet someone they will know the real you.
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