i got a copy of convict conditioning (love it) and read through the whole book this weekend. i think today is as good a day as any to switch programs and give this a go. i can see myself sticking with this for a long time, but i have a couple of questions for those who are familiar with it:

1. this isn't anything i need to concern myself with right now, but i have a doorway pull up bar that i can't fully extended from with out hitting the floor. what do people do for hanging leg raise progressions?

2. this is the more important question, which is where to start and when to progress. i've been doing calisthenics for a couple of years now. i've recently been doing pbf, and i've passed all the levels except squats (currently doing assisted pistols) and hspu (currently at 6-7 for a working set), and have added weight to my push ups and pull ups, and been doing dragon flags (up to 10) for core work. coach wade makes a decent case for starting at the beginning (step one on all movements, new beginner schedule), but i'm not sure how much of a necessity that is for me. i don't mind starting at step one, but only if i can progress without having to wait too long. i didn't notice a minimum time to spend on each step, so should i move up once i can comfortably and confidently meet/pass progression standards, or should i wait a certain amount of time for tendon and ligament strength?
also, regardless, i think i'm going to do the three-good behavior schedule from the get-go...thoughts?

thanks, and if anyone is willing to share their routine/experience and how their fitting in other activities, please do.