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Thread: Fats and constipation

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    Even when my diet was over 60% fat, I would be constipated. I can drink coconut milk and still be constipated.

    Magnesium is what everybody recommended on this forum. I take it as needed when desperate.

    Since adding kombucha, kimchi, yogurt to my diet-- a little bit every day, I'm less constipated.

    I noticed better BMs since adding fruit like mangoes, watermelon, pineapple and decreasing fibrous veggies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeMorale View Post
    I was constipated all of the time due to a medication I was taking and nothing helped. I tried drinking lots of water, over the counter drugs, even consulting a doctor. I know this is an embarrassing subject, but left unchecked it can do massive damage to your digestive system.It got so bad that one night I had a terrible stomach ache and felt like I needed to go. What happened next caused me to seek help online. Constipation cure Since the waste couldn’t come out where it was supposed to, it found another route. I think you get the picture.Later on, I found out how extremely dangerous this incident was and that I could have even died from it if an infection had resulted.I just want to say that the only thing that helped was this guide. Thank-you so much!
    George- did that book say how to "relax pelvic floor" if its in a constant tight state? That's usually the cause for people with "chronic" constipation so the eat mono meals, certain veggies or fruits, supplements, water ect... Does nothing to relax the pelvic floor therefore one is still straining in the loo bc the muscles are too tight there for poo to move out. It actually will pull up tighter when all other muscles are bearing don on it.
    I'm really curious if the author knows about this and how to fix this cause for constipation ??

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