I just had my 4th baby 6 weeks ago. I started going primal in the early stages of my pregnancy, because I was already overweight and I wanted to be careful not to gain too much. I already believe that primal is the best way
to go, I just have trouble sticking with it. I did great up until the last two months of my pregnancy...I just started
to eat whatever. Whenever I start breastfeeding a newborn, I'm always hungrier than I ever was while pregnant.
ANd now that I have 4 small children, I find it hard to have time to really plan my meals. I tend to just eat whatever
I can quickly before the baby cries. Like in the morning, I'll hurry up to make my coffee, and then quickly make
some toast, just because it's fast and I'm hungry by the time I wake up.

I need ideas to have things ready and fast, or just quick things to make or have on hand, especially for breakfast.
I don't always have time to cook breakfast. I really want to get back into going primal, cause even though I didn't
gain much this pregnancy, I still have a lot of weight to lose. HELP!!!?!??!