I did some research and came across Mark's site. The information was truly eye-opening. My dad died a few years ago from a heart attack due to numerous health issues related to diet and lack of exercise. The information Mark provided helped me to understand how his body shut down and why. I decided I do not want to end up that way. My current goal is 10 pounds off and to get my blood pressure in check (and avoid diabetes).

I plan to track emotions, challenges, and any health issues that I notice as I go along because I feel that is always important. Tracking calories and macros helps, but it doesn't give the background needed if something appears during the process.

Another thing I will be doing during this journal is something called calorie cycling. I plan to keep my calories between 1200-1500 (alternating) 6x week and then have a free day where I do not track anything. I am a weight trainer which I love so I will continue to do 5-6 days per week of weight training unless health or life challenges stop me. I will also do slow activity (walking the dog is always nice). I've inserted a HIIT day for the 'sprint' session (which will replace a weight training day).

So, that's the plan. Looks great on paper. Now let's see how we do in action...

B = eggwhites + 1 egg, veggies
S = chicken, almonds
L = chicken, yams
S = eggwhites + 1 egg, almonds
D = tuna, olive oil dressing, big salad, 1/2 avocado

Kcal = ~1250 - 60 g fat/50 g carb/120 g pro (all approximate)

This will be my plan Mon-Wed-Fri, on Sun-Tue-Thur, I will add a piece of fruit or something to add around 200-300 calories. Saturday is my day off.

So far, today has gone very well. Being at work helps a lot because the routine makes it easy to stay on the plan. I feel good and am a little sore from the leg workout yesterday morning but nothing serious. It was very hard staying on the diet over the weekend but after reading some of Mark's book, I realized that it is challenging for me to give up carbs since I was vegan for 3 years prior to this and I LIVED on carbs. So, it will take some time to get over that. Now that I know why, it is easier to handle.

Today's workout = chest and tricep training + 20 minutes walking

weight = 148 lbs as of this morning (I will start weighing in on Saturday mornings before my free day begins to keep track of any weight changes).