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Thread: Time to get real

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    Time to get real

    My doctor has been asking me at every visit if my diet is clean, and by that she means paleo and 6000 mg of fish oil. I have been sheepishly saying 80%. She and I both know that that isn't good enough for me. My health problems are too serious.

    So, since I've been stuck in a serious carb cycle - where I go paleo during the day and eat carbs at night - it is time to start a new habit. I am really tired of feeling like garbage. I am going to log each day in Paleo Track. And take it one day at a time. My sleep cycle is a total disaster and I have been turning to easy food instead of real food.

    Time to put on my big girl pants and get through today.

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    Good luck! If you need the carbs, stick with potatoes and fruit.

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