Well, it's the last category to praise, isn't it? Meat is the one that works for me.

Eating MOAR meat not only makes me want to ROAR from the energy, it actually builds muscle on me. That was the first thing I noticed about going primal, even before getting exercise, was that eating more meat was putting muscle on me.

Eating MOAR meat makes me way less hungry. I have a complete inability to fight my hunger. Meat just takes it away.

Eggs and greek yogurt and cheese and protein smoothies and other almost meats are NOT MEAT. When I say eat MOAR meat, I mean MEAT. There's nothing wrong with those things if you like them, nuts too, but it's not MEAT. If you are eating those things because they seem more dainty or less calorie dense or easier and more palatable, you are cheating yourself at least some of the time.

- Steak. I don't care if it's CAFO, eat it. It is good for you. Get it leaner if it bothers you.
- Chicken. Eat the whole damn chicken. Not just the breast. Eat the skin. There was a time when chicken was luxury meat, not starvation rations.
- Lamb or mutton. God yesssss. Eat more LAMB.
- Sausage. At the hoity-toity health food store they grind up all that unsold expensive lamb into sausage. Same goes for those $25 a pound steaks and pork loins. Mmmm. Sausage.
- Pork. Oh yeah. The king of meats. Only the tiniest portion of pork fat is PUFA. The vast majority is monounsaturated, just like avocados. Eat your pork with relish. And I don't mean bacon, I mean PORK.
- Fish. In a can you eat the bones. In a steak you can't eat the bones. Eat both though because a salmon steak is a beautiful platform on which to serve an elegant, simple meal. Eat fish EVERY DAY if possible!
- Shellfish. Oysters and mussels are my favorite. Crustaceans much less so, but eat them and don't worry so much about where they come from. EAT THEM!

If every meal I eat contains a big portion of meat and perhaps a small portion of potatoes, I feel great. Invincible. Cheerful. In control. I add veggies to add volume. I add potatoes to help fill me up even more. The hungrier I am, the bigger my salad or my pile of cauliflower or whatever.

I bring a steak when I go hiking. The original protein bar.

I've tried ketogenic, I've tried all potatoes, but what really works for me for the best health, the best body, the best mental health is MEAT. I always come back to it.

MOAR Meat!