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Thread: Here I go!!

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    Here I go!!

    Well, here I go...

    Been watching this website for a long time, and knowing what I should do, and only doing it 60% of the time.
    I am 6 weeks shy of my 40th birthday and I am tired of punishing myself for what I dont do..

    Start weight: 182lbs
    Target Weight: 140 lbs
    Age : 39 (just)
    Fav Primal Foods: All of them, just love them!
    Weakest Indulgence: Red Wine, chocolate .. and the occasional cigarette :-( .. that HAS to stop..
    Im gonna miss (for a while) .. milky tea.. morning scone at work .. potatoes..
    Im NOT gonna miss: The weight, the self-nagging, the lack of self esteem, the knowledge I could be so much better..

    I want to be one of those before and after sucess stories :-) they truly are inspirational!!

    Here I go... wish me luck :-)
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