Hello to everyone - I am 50 years old, and am looking into changes to improve my health and feeling stronger and more confident, I seem to be ageing rapidly and just had to do something to get fitter/healthier. If other people have tried macrobiotic diet, or vegetarian or vegan, pls write in and let me know how you are going, I wanted to be vegetarian for spiritual, ethical reasons ie sattvic diet, and like some of the macrobiotic philosophy too, but I never felt well, fatigue and lost a lot of weight (muscle and fat), premature menopause, not coping with stress, poor sleep, inflammatory problems, poor digestion/weakness in colon. I am still not sure why I did so badly, despite trying many different supplements, and herbs; I am Blood type O, 'Hunter' genotype (www.genotypediet.com), Peter D'adamo's work; so am supposed to be eating red meat, fish, duck, etc........My ancestry is a mixture of Aboriginal and European on my biological mother's side and Greek on my bio father's side. Mother died age 37 from colon cancer. I know many people do well on vegan/veg diets, plus raw food diets, I just did not do well at all - although I still eat one or two salads every day. This is partly why I now want to research this other way of eating/living. My weight is now 48.8kg (sorry, not sure what this is in pounds; maybe about 120lbs). My height about 5 feet 7. I've put on 2kg over the last 4 months, have been eating avocados and olives and cut down on cakes/cookies/sugar (I loved to bake). I am open to your comments and support. Regards, Amanda (N.S.W., Australia)