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Thread: Critique my work out routine.

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    Critique my work out routine.

    I currently strength train 6x a week but it's very light.

    1x a week I do kettlebell swings. Total of 75 reps either broken into 3 sets or done all at once with a lighter kb.
    1x a week I do kettlebell turkish get ups. Usually 3-5 sets
    4x a week I do pullups. 5 sets.

    I currently practice 10 Karate kata 7x a week which takes about 15 minutes a day. I don't do anything else right now. I will be returning to karate class soon which is 2x a week for 2 hours (not 100% intense the full 2 hours, probably intense for an hr to an hr and a half). I also want to ramp up my personal karate practice to doing 30 kata and at least 200 basics every day, split into two workouts (morning and night, strength training in afternoon). It'd be 20-25 mins 2x a day. Hopefully 7x a week if i can, 6x a week if it's too much. I'm not doing anything else that's active besides walking. Would this be excessive with my strength training?

    I do the same warm up/cool down for all my strength work outs. It's also for mobility/flexibility and it's when I get most of my stretching in so I do it on pull up only days too.

    Warm Up Repeat 3x:
    Warrior Pose x10 (i do this like a moving meditation breathing through my index finger and out through the wall)
    Wall squats x10
    Downward dog x10
    Round arms fwd/back x20

    Cooldown Repeat 1x
    Warrior Pose x10
    Knee to shoulder x30(just bring my knee and touch the shoulder quickly)
    Round arms x20
    Round hips x10
    Side and front splits relaxed or Tense-hold-release once or twice a week

    My goal of strength training is to improve my overall functional strength/mobility for all day to day activities but keep it minimal so I can still train hard in Karate without feeling burned out.
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