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Thread: Enokai's primal life

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    Enokai's primal life

    So I started this whole primal order 6 days ago, but I haven't told anyone. Bad? Probably.

    Day 1 I had a small piece of cake, but since then I have cut out gluten. I havent fully cut sugar, although what I'm taking in is far less than I used to be. Without gluten that kicks most of the bad-habit food: cookies, granola bars, toast, ice cream, chicken nuggets, etc. Its almost shocking what a difference no-gluten alone makes.

    I work a night shift job (at the moment) but I swing back to days in 96 hours. Thank God. However simply starting to eat when I'm hungry before work and refusing high-carb/fast-crash items, I have had SO much more energy. The one time I cheated, I could feel my ulcer complaining. Maybe its gluten related? They are testing it next week, but I've been not very trusting of doctors for a long time so we'll see what I think after my EGD.

    I'm hoping that eating primal helps my horrible mood swings that turn my into someone I don't recognize and a wife who fights and destroys her husband and threatens to get divorced each month. I hate it.

    I started primal at 5'10" 139lbs and 20% BF. I'm okay actually staying here, but I'm curious to see where my numbers go.

    So I want my energy back, and my mood stablized. I should probably tell my husband too. He keep complaining that despite his healthy "cw" diet (which even I don't think is too bad) and running 5 days a week he's only gaining. He's maybe 6'2" and 200-205. At least my hubbs is primal-idea friendly :)

    My primal questions: is eating loads of bacon and red meat really ok? I already eat lots of chicken & fish.
    And why are all the primal "junk-food-like" dishes made with almond flour and other "processed" wanna-be-flours? Isnt this bad for us too? Or is it just a healthier option for if were craving something baked & sweet?

    Okay, off to dinner. the Hubbs wants me to eat homemade clam chowder, but it has a little bit of flour to thicken in it... ah the internal battle. I think I'm going to have eggs.
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