well my hashimotos is acting up. my most recent tsh was 80 (ref range 0.3-2.5) and my t4 is officially low. I feel all over the grid energy wise :/ and I start a 3month rotation of night shift work on thursday. God, help me.
I have been super strict about no gluten, corn, peanuts, or soy for a little bit. I dont think I've gotten CCed as I have been eating at home. My weight is down to 143 as of this morning, which is almost back to normal. I have an official celiac dx from my ND. We are working on fixing my immune system.

I was thinking about giving up dairy for lent. But lately my tummy has been pretty unhappy and I have a sinking feeling thats the culprit. sigh. I love greek yogurt, butter, and cheese. LOVE. Not to mention, I feel like I need 1/2n1/2 in my coffee. Okay guys, any great ideas about coffee creamer substitutes? coconut milk? vanilla coconut milk?
And does anyone know if you can buy ghee or if you have to make it?

@paleodutch left me some excellent ideas on my journal above for snacking and eating while at work.
I'm going to look for some sausages and other "easy" meat ideas to go with my veggies and fruit. what else can I even eat anymore?
I know that kirkland & shaw lunch meat is GF.
I guess I need to dig out my primal coconut cookbook and start liking coconut oil!